14 Celeb Actual, No-Kidding, Gloves-Off Fistfights

14 Celeb Actual, No-Kidding, Gloves-Off Fistfights

We all know fights on the big screen and small screen are planned and choreographed, but there is something about a beefy skirmish between two celebs behind-the-scenes or rumored by the paparazzi. We all know people have their limit but hearing two celebs hitting each other feels like two superheroes clashing (but with less fancy powers). Sure, 90s kids had the clay-fighting Celebrity Deathmatch but it's just not the same as stories about one actor taking a swing at the other or a film-production fight between a director and an actor.

I mean, who would have thought of Shia LeBeouf and Brad Pitt of all people putting up their dukes against one another? Or a comedy club clash between two sitcom stars? And, as beloved as he is, it seems like Bill Murray has had to throw hands often throughout his career for one reason or another.

Read up about these celebrity brawls to see how absurd and violent show business can truly become.

14 Celeb Actual, No-Kidding, Gloves-Off Fistfights
Source: MTV

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