17 Cuisine And Country (Unexpected) Connections

If a food has a location in its name? It's a lie.
17 Cuisine And Country (Unexpected) Connections
We've been doing our patriotic duty and horking down dozens of pounds of so-called "American" cheese every week. Imagine our surprise when we found out that it wasn't even invented here!

And that's not all. We've got bad news for fans of french fries and Hawaiian pizza... and surprisingly good news for fans of bird spit.
Wasabi VS Wasabi found outside of Japan is most likely just green colored horseradish.
American Cheese CRACKEDCON American cheese is actually Swiss cheese. I mean... It was invented in Switzerland and was originally a Swiss product.
Radish CRACKED COM Radishes were used to pay workers in ancient Egypt.
Cacao Beans The Aztecs loved chocolate sO much they used cocoa beans as curreNCY.
Pufferfish Japanese sushi chefs spend over two years training to be allowed to serve the poisonous delicacy pufferfish.
French Fries CRACKEDCON French fries were actually invented in Belgium. Seems like a mouthful to order a large belgian fry at the drive-thru.
Macaroni CRACKED COM Thomas Jeffereson was responsible for bringing macaroni machines to the U.S., SO we have him to thank for the American love of ma
Bird Saliva CRACKEDCON The saliva from small swiftlets used in the construction of their birds nests is a delicacy in China.
Chili Peppers Afghanistan Iran Pakistan Myanmar oman (Burma) Thailand en Bay of Bengal Aden Vietnam Arabian Sea India is the number one source of the
Sandwiches CRACKED'COM Almost half of all Americans over the age of 20 eat a sandwich every day.
Donkey Cheese A special donkey milk cheese, pule, is made in Serbia and is one of the most expensive cheeses in the world, selling for over $1000 a po
Coffee CRACKEDCON The Dutch drink the most coffee per person, averaging at about 2.4 cups a day!
Tea The Netherlands have their coffee, but Turkey has their tea. The Turks out drink all other nations at 7 pounds a person per year.
Veggies The country with the lowest meat consumption is India at under 4 kilograms per person a year.
Meat CRACKED.CON On the opposite end of the spectrum, Australians eat the most meat at 200 pounds a person a year.
Fortune cookies CRACKEDCO con CRACKED.COM The modern fortune cookie was not invented in China, but San Francisco in the early 1900's.
Hawailan Pizza CRACKED COM Hawaiian pizza wasn't invented in Hawaii, or even America. It was conceived of in Canada!
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