Celebrities aren't born celebrities. You have to grind for years in the fame mines to level up to that point. But there's a reason why it's called "show business" -- if you're in this business, you literally have something to show for it. Try showing up for your interview to Taco Bell and the first question is “so, you know what a taco is, right?” and you say “totally” and sing the Big Mac song. You have to earn your stripes in show business, same as any industry.

It might be not their proudest moment, but they can't stop you from re-watching those old movies and shows and going, "Hey! Isn't that...?" Especially when it's Sam Rockwell offering your regular or menthol.

These are no longer just another face in the cast, but their old work still exists as a hopeful reminder that anyone can make it to the top. Yes, even us.

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