15 Weird Reasons Behind Major Character's Traits

15 Weird Reasons Behind Major Character's Traits

Creating a character is a thoughtful process. You not only have to figure out the physical qualities, but also the character's personality, quirks, preferences, and sometimes a trademark prop or look. Or you just name your cartoon duck after a bad game from a professional cricket player.

Creators take time and effort to develop a new character, but many people ask them “Where do you get those ideas?” Well, sometimes the place were those ideas were spawned is weird, odd, and shouldn't be touched without wearing a pair of gloves. Especially the part of the brain where Trey Parker invented Cartman's mom.

There are several reasons certain characters have their traits, some as complex as meeting Bill Clinton and wishing to emulate him or some as simple as “I just wanted to wear a leather jacket.” Take a look at some characters from throughout pop culture and learn why they are how they are.

Heath Ledger wanted to look like a Charlie Chaplin villain in The Dark Knight. In the jail scene where Batman beats him up, he wanted to look very dif
Source: IGN

An architect was the inspiration for Egon Spengler. On the front page of an architectural journal, Harold Ramis saw a photo of a man with wire-rimmed
Source: Esquire

Princess Leia's buns were inspired by Mexican revolutionaries. George Lucas wanted to create new and different fashion, so he went with a kind of Sou
Source: TIME
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