30 'Modern' Things That Are Way Older Than You Think


It's easy to think of certain ideas as "modern." Especially if these concepts require basic innovations such as electricity.

Of course, as you're about to find out, these things aren't exclusive to us at all -- and in fact have been going on for thousands of years. Our readers compiled a list of "modern" ideas that are anything but. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by clg123

CRACKEDG Think that contact lenses are a modern invention? The first contact lens was invented in 1888 by opthalmologist Adolph Fick, and it was at le

Entry by tpxdmd

You could play Duck Hunt in 1936 RAY The Seeburg Ray-0-Lite used g light gun that worked with nearly the same mechanism that Nintendo would uSe 50 yea

Entry by Edvamp

Think the RIAA is bad? In one of the first known copyright violation cases, St Columba, a 6th century Irish missionary, 'borrowed' and copied a psalte

Entry by tpxdmd

Cosmetic Dentistry is at least 2500 years old. This is gold ribbon supporting two false teeth, or a very basic bridge, found in skull. an Etruscan Thi

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