Problems are something that no one enjoys, but everyone has to put up with, especially in the workplace. They are, therefore, a part of the everyday working procedure. When you look at job listings online, you'll notice that "problem-solving abilities" are frequently included as a requirement for the position. Every profession in the world, in fact, necessitates some level of problem-solving.

Humans face a variety of issues, some of which are more serious than others, and we are constantly coming up with ideas and strategies to make work easier. A few of these remedies are easier to implement than others, and others are for issues you were unaware of. We've gathered some of the most innovative designs from all over the world to inspire you.

Everyone understands that in order to achieve greatness, you must work hard. The point is, sometimes people do incredible things by improvising a fantastic answer out of whatever they have on hand. To the rest of us, it's like a giant middle finger.

Even still, it's impossible not to respect these real-life MacGyvers:

Astronauts on the International Space Station created makeshift snorkels to keep them from drowning in their space suits. An Italian astronaut nearly

Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh uses a LADOY power drill to perform brain surgery. He visits Ukraine twice a year to de-tumor its residents by any means nece
Source: BBC News

Students in Tanzania built medical equipment out of motorcycle lights and a shower curtain. They strung up blue LED lights on a welded rectangular fra
Source: EWH News

A 1-year-old Michigan boy used an ipad to stop vandals. When Ryan McKillop spotted vandals in action, he downloaded a siren app to his iPad and blaste
Source: Alpena News

A nurse in Nicaragua 600 made an IV alarm out of a oor and plastic ally SAOS ibility e AK47 from the Expry toy store. The toy gun is rigged with a clo
Source: Rendia

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