21 Dog Facts That Are Pleasant As Hell

21 Dog Facts That Are Pleasant As Hell

Who's a good boy? You are! And you deserve nice things at least some of the time. Here are 21 just plain ol' nice facts about our favorite furry friends, doggone it.

A SCIENTIFIC STUDY SHOWED THAT DOGS CAN FEEL JEALOUS. Studies involving other emotions have had inconclusive results.
Source: CNN

DOGS CAN COUNT UP TOFOUR OR FIVEO 00000 S Dogs can also learn simple arithmetic. COM
Source: APA

DOGS HAVE EVOLVED A SPECIAL MUSCLE TO MAKE THEM LOOK CUTER TO HUMANS. Dogs can widen their eyes in ways to look more pathetic to humans. Wolves don't
Source: PNAS

THE AVERAGE DOG CAN UNDERSTAND 165 WORDS. Very intelligent dogs can learn up to 250. CRACKED COM
Source: APA

DOGS SWEAT oUT OF THEIR PAWS. Dogs' merocrine glands are located in their paws. If dogs sweated out of other parts of their body, the sweat would be a
Source: AKC


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