10 Michelle Wolf Jokes for the Hall of Fame

‘Brides will say things like, ‘It’s my special day.’ But how do you call it your day if your dad’s paying for it? I think it’s his day, and I think it’s a really weird day for him. He’s paying a ton of money to make sure a man has sex with you that night’

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21 Dog Facts That Are Pleasant As Hell

21 Dog Facts That Are Pleasant As Hell

Who's a good boy? You are! And you deserve nice things at least some of the time. Here are 21 just plain ol' nice facts about our favorite furry friends, doggone it.

A SCIENTIFIC STUDY SHOWED THAT DOGS CAN FEEL JEALOUS. Studies involving other emotions have had inconclusive results.
Source: CNN

DOGS CAN COUNT UP TOFOUR OR FIVEO 00000 S Dogs can also learn simple arithmetic. COM
Source: APA

THE AVERAGE DOG CAN UNDERSTAND 165 WORDS. Very intelligent dogs can learn up to 250. CRACKED COM
Source: APA

DOGS SWEAT oUT OF THEIR PAWS. Dogs' merocrine glands are located in their paws. If dogs sweated out of other parts of their body, the sweat would be a
Source: AKC

THREE DOGS SURVIVED THE SINKING OF TITANIC Two Pomeranians and a Pekingnese made it aboard lifeboats. CRACKED CON
Source: AKC

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