Famous Places You're Picturing Wrong, Thanks To Movies

There's artistic license, and then there's this.
Famous Places You're Picturing Wrong, Thanks To Movies

Look, we get it. Movies are meant to entertain us, not educate us. But sometimes they worm their way into our brains anyway, filling us with mistaken impressions about real places. We're here for you, though, to correct some of those false impressions.

Impressions like ...

The Moon IN MOVIES IN REALITY Dotted with Dotted with American flags flags that have In red, white, and been bleached blue totally white by UV Serious
Hell's Kitchen IN MOVIES IN REALITY CARE BAR HL Filthy Upscale Impoverished Million-dollar So crime- homes infested, it keeps Crime rates that Daredev
The Pyramids of Giza IN MOVIES IN REALITY Isolated Near a huge city Deserted Crowded with Clean merchants Smelly and littered with trash
Appalachia IN MOVIES IN REALITY Deserted 25M residents Lily-white 1M Hispanic/ Filled with dirty Latinx hicks waiting to Filled with do crimes to work
The Kremlin IN MOVIES IN REALITY MNAMIMAM Some sort of Entire city, Disney-inspired surrounded by a gingerbread palace wall filled with Does not inclu
The Alamo IN MOVIES IN REALITY ALRmo via Google Earth Lonely mission Rebuilt, Untouched and completely unchanged reshaped All alone in the Surrounded
Mars IN MOVIES IN REALITY AND OFFICIAL PHOTOS!) Orange/red Dirt-colored (We've always NASA added assumed Mars color to early had red dirt, photos base
Seneca Creek IN MOVIES IN REALITY Deserted Popular site for Labyrinthine families to hike, fish, ride horses, Terrifying (and and play the infested wi
Mount Everest IN MOVIES IN REALITY Quiet Crowded Pristine Huge piles of Safe garbage Crime-infested Tons of corpses on the way up CRACKED COM
Yosemite IN MOVIES IN REALITY Free-climbing EI Climbing a Capitan ladder up Half Alone Dome At In line of your pace long own a tourists Very slowly CR
Paris IN MOVIES IN REALITY Strolling down Twice the empty streets population Lost in thought density of Probably writing New York City poetry or Usual
Space IN MOVIES IN REALITY O The perfect 29, 000 objects getaway orbiting Earth Vast 7% of that is Empty satellites The rest is just trash CRACKED COM
The Louvre IN MOVIES IN REALITY Quiet Mall acoustics Empty Mall crowds Dignified Literal mall with a number of stores and a food court CRACKED COM
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