The Unsolved Mystery From The Set Of 'Titanic'

The mystery will go on
The Unsolved Mystery From The Set Of 'Titanic'

Poisoned soup, a conga line, and a stabbing. Who knew that the production of Titanic was almost as dramatic as the film?

Read more about the weird behind-the-scenes incident of Titanic below:
TITANIC Directed and written by James Cameron, Titanic achieved epic commercial success upon its release in 1997. But the production of the film was a
THE TITANIC CHOWDER MYSTERY For the cast and crew of Titanic, August 8, 1996 should have been the last day of filming on location in Nova Scotia. Howe
THE CURSED CHOWDER Chowder was one of the food options provided by the local catering company. And all 60 cast and crew who ate it were immediately af
FOOD POISONING? Bill Paxton said that people were laughing, crying, and throwing up. One crew member summed up the feeling as, I feel toxic and besid
THE HOSPITAL Eventually everyone was taken to the hospital. However, no one stayed in their beds. Everyone was bouncing around. Some were racing wheel
James Cameron was stabbed in the face with a pen by a crew member. He was bleeding and laughing. CRACKED.COM
Hospital staff thought it was very weird case of food poisoning. It was chaos: people were crying, moaning, and collapsing on tables. There was even a
THE TOXICOLOGY REPORT Police were called in to investigate and discovered that everyone had ingested P.C.P. (aka Angel Dust). CRACKEDCONT
SO WHO LACED THE CHOWDER? Police closed the case after a two-and-half-year investigation, with no suspects. The catering company believes it was one o
WHAT PROBABLY HAPPENED Cameron's theory seems the most likely. He had fired a crew member the day before because they were causing issues with the cat


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