Sometimes it seems like industries make up their slang just to keep you in the dark and laugh at you behind your back. Of course, that's only true half of the time -- the other half, their purpose is to puzzle you with the shit they come up with. You don't have to take our word for it -- just look at these examples we've collected here and tell us there's a different explanation.

Entry by djHanDon

dead cat bounce In finance, a dead cat bounce is a brief recovery in the price of a falling asset. A dead cat will bounce if it falls from a gret he

Entry by yulka1

speech banana You can't eat the speech banana - but it is related to your mouth. It is a region on an audiogram (a chart of pitches and volumes) where

Entry by icandish

EUCONT POOH This POOH isn't about honey, but oil - in oil fields, it's an acronym for pull out of hole.

Entry by PapaThrust

CRACKED CON refuctoring Some programmers achieve job security by refuctoring their code - that is, purposely making it SO convoluted and hard to und
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