16 Stats That Sound Made Up (But Aren't)

"Statistics can be misleading." It's an important phrase to keep in mind when reading opinionated news stories, or to repeat like a mantra when attempting to maintain your sanity in the face of the truly terrifying data. We asked our readers to dig up statistics that will cause you to lock yourself in a closet for a little while. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by runner-runner

Since 1989, 303 convicted felons have been exonerated by DNA evidence. 18 were on death row. 25 percent had confessed. 28 of them pled guilty. CRACKED

Entry by drudru

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Entry by Nirgal

CRACKEDC COM The budget to send the Curiosity Rover to Mars is less than the worldwide military expenditure for thirteen hours.


CRACKED.COM In the United States at any given moment, there are two million impaired drivers on the road. ource: wrw article/t illion drunk driv re hi

Entry by Seance

You have a 1 in 2,067, 000 chance of dying in a plane crash... ...and a 1 in 423, 548 chance of dying from falling out of bed. bed. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Manx MacReady

CRACKED CON Almout! VD Studies show over 80% of all sexually active adults will contract an STD at some point, although most won't notice because 80%

Entry by Kanklefest

There are ten times more bacteria cells in your gut than there are cells in your body... ...the bacteria cells are just much smallere

Entry by johnli27

The average person spends FIVE YFARS CRACKED Doing this

Entry by johnli27

CRACKED CONT Every year, Bx as much Garbage Is dumped in oceans As the weight of Fish caught

Entry by johnli27

90% of pork chops and ground beef CONTAIN II FECAL BACTERIA CRACKED

Entry by DocBen

1 in 3 men don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. So, basically, if you shake their hand, you're CRAGKED also shaking their CONT junk.

Entry by BRWombat

These are EYELASH MITES, which resemble worms, but have very shoRT legs, claws, and sharp mouth parts. Infestation rates start at about 25% for peop

CRACKED COM Every minute, 70 a kilogram human emits 600 gamma rays because of radioactive potassium. (Don't blame the government, all potassium everyw

Entry by anakedjew

CRACKED.COMhe twilights saga breakingdawn part 2 Outperform PULPFICTION AE the box OFFICE BY NEARLY 4 TO 1 And C103 BY OVER 8TO 1

Entry by anakedjew

4, By the age of the average child in a professional family has heard TWENTY MILLION more words than child in a a middle-class family... NO cou: Do EI

Entry by Rail.Gun

CRACKEDCO 43% of pilots admit to falling asleep during flight. 33% of them report waking up to find that their co-pilots had fallen asleep as well.