Important News Overshadowed By You-Know-What

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

News these days is all COVID, all the time, for pretty good reasons. But that means you've probably missed some important and/or fascinating things that happened in the last week or so.

Things like:


AFTER AN EPIC 10-DAY STRUGGLE, HUGE WILDFIRES WERE EXTINGUISHED AROUND CHERNOBYL. It took 400 firefighters, three planes, and three helicopters droppiSource: BBC News, CNN, Deutsche Welle


TRUMP KICKED OUT TWO OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO KEEP AN EYE ON HIM. Michael Atkinson Glenn Fine He fired Glenn Fine, the Inspector General forSource: The Guardian


VENEZUELA LOST A NAVY SHIP IN THE DUMBEST WAY. RESOLTIC RCGS The cruise liner The Navy ship warned a cruise liner it was in Venezuelan waters (it wasnSource: Deutsche Welle


IN NORWAY, THE RETREAT OF ICE REVEALED A MOUNTAIN PASS FULL OF VIKING ARTFACTS. There are arrows, leather shoes, knitted mittens, and more, all perfecSource: The Guardian


THE FBI AND THE ESTONIAN POLICE BUSTED A 13-YEAR-OLD NAZI GROUP LEADER. The Estonian boy (who called himself Commander, online) was a key figure in FeSource: TIME


KOBE BRYANT POSTHUMOUSLY GOT BASKETBALL'S HIGHEST HONOR. zRs He's one of nine people inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020. And his daughtSource: NPR, Yahoo Sports


WE FOUND THE LONGEST ANIMAL EVER, IN AN UNDERWATER CANYON NEAR AUSTRALIA. A photo of the siphonophore It's a 150-foot-long siphonophore, a coral-like Source: Live Science


VIRGINIA MADE IT A LOT SAFER TO BE LGBTO. The Virginia Values Act, which became law on April 11, makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexuSource: Prince William Times


SOUTH KOREA GOT TOUGHER ON SEX OFFENDERS. For the first time in Korea's history, after 2.7 million people signed an online petition, they unmasked a SSource: South China Morning Post


SOON, PLASTIC POLLUTION MIGHT NOT BE A PROBLEM. BOLO luege XI Eh a Scientists mutated a bacterial enzyme SO that it breaks down plastic bottles into rSource: The Guardian


SCIENTISTS MADE TINY BIOLOGICAL ROBOTS, AKA XENOBOTS. Xenobots are living clumps of several thousand tadpole cells, designed in a Minecraft- program fSource: The New York Times


NASA IS PLANNING TO PUT A GIGANTIC TELESCOPE ON THE MOON. Lunar Crater Radio Telescope (LCRT) Crater (3-5km diameter Deployable Wire-mesh 01-km diametSource: VICE