History’s Horniest King

Alfonso XIII of Spain had endless affairs, tons of illegitimate children (in addition to seven with his wife) and a sideline in commissioning pornography for his own private consumption

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A good movie isn't one without plot holes or flaws -- it's one that's so amazing, you don't care about those things. Yes, even your favorite flick has nits to pick, and no amount of obscure tie-in novels or furious typing in the comments will change that. That shit usually doesn't matter, is the point.

But this is the internet, and obsessing over shit that doesn't matter is why we're here. So like monkeys with typewriters, we watched a million movies a million times until we stopped enjoying them altogether, just to show you the exact reason why they should have all bombed at the box office, dammit.

Entry by j21

25 Plot Holes in Famous Movie Scenes

Entry by Ted E.

In TRON: Legacy, Quorra reassures Sam that the bad guys can't follow them, as their vehicles will not function on this terrain. And it's not like th

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