18 Weirdly-Specific Rules For Powerful Leaders

It's all fun and games until you try to open a window.
18 Weirdly-Specific Rules For Powerful Leaders

Disney makes being a prince or princess look just super fun. And sure, it probably has its moments. But there are also a ton of wildly-specific rules for members of the Royal Family.

And they're not the only ones. Powerful leaders in both the public and private sector have a ton of weird laws, traditions, and rules governing their behavior. Things like:

The First lady isn't allowed to open the windows of cars and the White House for security reasons.
Egyptian Pharaohs had to blow their loads in the Nile River. **** Ep L A They believed that the Egyptian god Atum's prolific ejaculation is what cause
Britain's Royal Prince is required to be two steps; behind his wife while they are in public. This follows the order of precedence, where the most res
Aztec rulers can't let even one of their feet touch the ground. Aztecs believed that their strong tonalli (souls) can have a huge impact on the univer
Royals; must keep at least six ravens in the Tower of London. WHITE TOWER John Flamsteed, a 17th-century astronomical observator, told King Charles
Members of the Royal Family aren't allowed to play Monopoly. eDSCAE ou saz COLLECT E2M AS YO PASS Apparently, the game can get too vicious and cause
The Emperor of Japan is forbidden from eating a famous Japanese delicacy. Fugu (Pufferfish), usually eaten raw as sashimi, contain tetrodotoxin, a poi
Queen Elizabeth isn't allowed to sit on a throne that isn't hers. It's not allowed even on fictional thrones, which is why she didn't sit on the Iron
U.S., Presidents are required to plan their funerals after they move into the White House. This is so they can put their personal touches on the funer
Royal undertakers of the deceased King of Tonga can't use their hands for 100 days. y2 After taking care of the King's body, the undertakers, called N
Medieval Japanese Emperors; were forbidden to touch any blade. Because of this, handmaidens were tasked to trim the emperor's nails, hair, and beard u
A White House tradition requires the current first lady to have some tea with the incoming first lady. She also needs to give her successor a tour of
Buddhist monks can't be touched by women. If they are, accidentally or not, they need to go back to the temple and cleanse themselves by performing ri
Members of British Parliament are not allowed to eat or drink in chambers. With one weird exception: Chancellors can drink alcohol while delivering th
Nintendo banned Shigero Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario, from biking to work. His life is too valuable, and biking is too dangerous, to allow him
When traveling, the Royal Family must pack an all-black outfit. They must be prepared and have something to wear in case something tragic happens. CRA
U.S. presidents and vice presidents;- even former ones-are not allowed to drive. This is a lifetime precautionary measure enforced after the JFK assas
Popes can't donate their organs. Their bodies belong to the Church and must be whole when they die. Although they can still have an organ donor's card
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