31 Despised Things That Our Readers Love

31 Despised Things That Our Readers Love

Trends quickly come and go, and before you know it, that super on-fleek outfit is a gigantic fashion fail. Not only do you have to stop wearing the thing, its not even okay to admit that you ever wore it.

Were pretty much social outcasts here, already, though, so we figured wed ask our readers to tell us which 100 percent over trends theyre not 100 percent over. Heres what they told us…

Entry by Bill Mead

I'm not calling it a masterpiece, but I appreciate that Batman Forever didn't try to take itself seriously, and reminded us that these are comic boo

Entry by Gino Reyes

I like online targeted ads. Hey, I heard you're going on vacation. Here's a couple of good places to stay in and eat at. Thanks buddy, good looking
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