Unnatural Scenes Pulled Straight From Nature

Unnatural Scenes Pulled Straight From Nature

Nature shows usually follow a certain pattern: predator stalks lunch, predator pounces, predator either gets lunch or doesn't. And that follows perfectly with the immutable laws of nature, supposedly. The strong survive, that sort of thing. Escape being lunch and you get to live another day. Miss your pounce on lunch, and you get to go hungry til the next rabbit or bug or whatever your designs are for lunch strolls by.

So yeah, nature, for all its wildness, is supposed to be rational. It's got laws, and a natural order, and stuff. There aren't supposed to be ghost apples. Ghost apples violate the natural order, and the natural order is supposed to be inflexible. Hold that thought, because we found a bunch of examples of nature flipping a giant bird to physics and doing whatever the hell it wanted to. And that includes ghost apples.

And other stuff like this happened:

GHOST APPLES These phantasmic ghost apples are the result of icy rain that froze around ripening fruit. But since apples have a lower freezing point

Unnatural Scenes Pulled Straight From Nature

Unnatural Scenes Pulled Straight From Nature

IMMENSE, FLOWING GLACIERS (MADE OF SALT) In the mountains of Iran, gigantic mineral mounds form as tectonic action tears the earth asunder. They take

HUGE SPINNING CIRCLES OF ICE This spinning 300-foot circle of ice in Maine offers the perfect stage for a video game deathmatch. The right combination

A NATION-S WHIRLPOOL 50 km Whirlpools, vortexes, maelstroms... whatever you call 'em, they bring destruction. But this 90-mile-wide oceanic swirl brin

WATERS THAT PETRIFY ALL THEY TOUCH Mother Shipton's petrifying well in England, named after a 16th-century oracle born the next cave over, seemingly t

A LAKE OF TAFFY This Trinidadian lake may look typical, but that ain't water you're looking at. It's tar. In fact, it's the world's largest tar lake,

AN UNBELIEVABLY GINORMOUS TREE This is the world's widest tree, the 250-year-old Great Banyan, located in India. Is it somewhere in that forest? Nope,

RED LIGHTNING Red sprites are lightning's bigger, angrier brother. They're born when a bolt draws loads of charge from a cloud and sends an electric f

A WATERFALL GUSHING FROM A TREE An old mulberry tree in the village of Dinosa in Montenegro performs a miracle after heavy rains: It continuously spou

Unnatural Scenes Pulled Straight From Nature
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