Weird Ways Entertainment Spilled Over Into Reality

Weird Ways Entertainment Spilled Over Into Reality

The real world is often not such a fun place. That's why we escape to fictional worlds, created by people who feel the same way. And that escapism makes it a little easier to bear existence in the sometimes not fun place. 

It's easy to think of entertainment as being off in its own pretend universe, just happily bumping into itself and giving the real world a wide berth. Yeah, that happens sometimes but not always.

The thing is, sometimes pop culture affects the real world. It just barges right out of its make believe zone and right into our reality. Hello, you fictional thing that is somehow now a sorta real thing and right in front of us. And we're not just talking about the action figure market. The fictional stuff we consume has a weird way of pushing into every aspect of the real world. Sometimes it gets downright pushy.

For example:

Mars refused to grant permission for Steven Spielberg to use M&Ms in ET The Extra- Terrestrial SO Elliot instead uses a trail of Reese's Pieces to lur
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