The 27 Dumbest Ways Movies And TV Shaped Your Life

The 27 Dumbest Ways Movies And TV Shaped Your Life

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Pop culture has a way of shaping our lives in amazing ways. And sometimes, movies and shows can convince us to make choices that seem really great at the time. In retrospect, though, they usually turn out to be really stupid.

We asked our readers to show us the stupidest things they did to themselves (or their lives) because of some dumb show or movie.

Entry by RayMav

Due to my sudden fascination with Breaking Bad I once told a random camper OWner8 Nice meth lab, dude. Howis the business? I couldn't help myself...

Entry by

KINGHILL OF THE convinced me that propane was the only way to grill, SO I spent $200 on a propane grill... only to find out that BBQiNG with charcoal

Entry by

Thanks to Seinfeld I got SO in the habit of declaring ELL0O like Jerry) that I started accidentally answering business calls with it.
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