20 Celebrity Pet Facts

Don't feel bad, Mr. Fluffles. You're interesting in your own way.
20 Celebrity Pet Facts

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You know how famous people try to do the same stuff the rest of us do, but then do it in such a wild, over-the-top way it becomes weird? Pet ownership is no exception. Celebrities are literally incapable of having pets in a normal way.

Don't believe us? Well ...

Emma Watson dedicated her British Artist Of the Year award to her late on-set hamster. When her hamster died during the filming of Harry Potter, the s
20 Celebrity Pet Facts
Kirstie Alley keeps lemurs as pets. CRaN She once tried to sneak one past airport security by telling them that it was a cat.
In 1976, Sylvester Stallone bought two turtles for a scene in Rocky. He kept them. In 2018 he posted a photo of those same turtles on Instagram. They'
Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's cat, is one of the most fortunate pets in the world. She has two personal maids, and besides what she inherited from Lager
Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave John F. Kennedy a dog named Pushinka, whose mother was one of the passengers of Sputnik 5. Pushinka had four pupp
CRACKED COM Carrie Fisher's dog, Gary Fisher, attended a screening of The Last Jedi. According to a witness, Gary's ears perked up every time she ap
Rabbits that had been shot by Princes William and Harry would sometimes be cooked and served to The Queen's dogs.
Drew Barrymore went all out for her dog's funeral. When her beloved dog Flossy died at age 16, Drew had her cremated. She then traveled to India and s
50 Cent named his dog after Oprah Winfrey, after taking issue with Winfrey for the scarcity of rappers featured on her show. When they met face to fac
James Gunn had Guardians of the Galaxy VFX artists scan his dog's mouth and incorporate it into the mouth of the Rocket Raccoon CGI model. DR. yon SPE
Katy Perry had pics of her pup's face turned into a pattern for her custom pajamas.
Tracy Morgan went on a TV show to have a custom tank built for his pet octopus. New Old tank tank CRACKED.COM
Audrey Hepburn took in a fawn. Pippin, or Ip as she affectionately called it, appeared in Green Mansions with her, and she was advised to bond with it
George R.R. Martin first imagined fantasy worlds thanks to the pet store turtles he had as a boy. Young Martin was taking proper care of them, so he c
CRACKEDcO *Not the actual Pablow. Miley Cyrus wrote a song for her dead blowfish, Pablow. She performed the song in one of her Backyard Session videos
Before their dog Puddy passed away, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend held a wedding between him and their other dog, Pippa. CRACKED COM
Mike Tyson's pet tiger accidentally knocked out his gold teeth while trying to give him a kiss. CRACKED
CRACKED C COM President Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace kept trash pandas in the White House. Rebecca (top) was originally given to them with the i
Michael Jackson had a pet llama he regularly brought cRauh with him to the studio. When he and Freddie Mercury started WF FNOLYIOOO collaborating, the
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