18 Amazingly Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Weird, true things to stick in your brain.
18 Amazingly Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know

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One of these days, you are going to need to sound smart and/or interesting in a social setting. Hell, you might be thumbing through these images right now to avoid interacting with people. But don't worry. We've got you covered with these completely true facts you can use to beef up your small talk game. And if these whet your appetite for article-length interestingness, there are links to related Cracked articles at the end.

THE SONG MAHNA MAHNA' The ditty was one of COMES FROM A many cobbled together for the 1968 PORNOGRAPHIC Italian documentary FILM. Sweden: Heaven an
UBER IS CONGESTING TRAFFIC IN NEW YORK. If you want to operate a taxicab in New York City, you need to purchase a very expensive medallion. There's a
18 Amazingly Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know
PEOPLE USED TO HANG IN CEMETERIES. Public parks were rare in the 19th century, SO people used to play in other kinda green spaces - that is, cemeterie
Back in the day, if you had sexual performance issues, you could reach out to science for a solution. VITA RADIUM SUPPOSITORIES FOR RESTORING SEX PO
CRACKED.COMT SOME FISH CAN CAUSE HELLISH HALLUCINATIONS. The salema porgy is a popular seafood in Europe. Not SO popular are the vivid, pants- shittin
Two Simpsons fans turned a run- MOE'S down shop into a replica of Moe's TAVERN Tavern in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It wasn't just for the [
THE VIEW-MASTER The classic toy was created by William WAS INVENTED Gruber, a German- born amateur BY A NAZI. photographer who was a registered member
Dr. William Hamman was DR. a respected cardiologist HAMMAN who drove home the value of training doctors JUST through simulations. Simulating PRETENDED
In 1906, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle set out to prove the innocence of George Edalji, a man convicted for mutilating cattle. Working with Holmesian zeal, D
ERWIN SCHRODINGER WAS AN UBER CREEP. Schrodinger (of maybe-alive. maybe-dead-cat fame) had several lovers while married, including one who lived in hi
THE BLACK In 1863, the Union wanted to recover the grounded U.S.S. TERROR WAS Indianola, now in Confederate hands. Without readily A FEARSOME availabl
ELIZABETH SWANEY BECAME AN OLYMPIC ATHLETE THANKS TO A LOOPHOLE. Swaney can't do any freestyle skiing tricks. She just shows up to events with few qua
For centuries, turning the kitchen spit was the turnspit dog's job. A DOG BREED WAS BRED JUST TO COOK MEAT. The small, strong-legged pooch was made to
Ever wondered why the Jetsons live in those sWeet stratospheric houses? The DC Comics reboot has the answer: It's because a meteor collided with the E
CRACKED CON JOY MILNE CAN SMELL PARKINSON'S. Milne, a British nurse, could smell her Knowing that Parkinson's husband's disease years disease has a di
SEX WORK In the late '7Os, Rhode Island saw multiple WAS MADE pushes to reduce the LEGAL, AND penalties for prostitution. But in the process of FOR DE
C-CONAN22 IN THE FLESH. IS THAT youiz DANETTE. CANI A comic published by Marvel COME IN3 in 1984 answers a question we have all pondered: WHAT IF CONA
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