While we here at Cracked consider it our duty to shatter the illusions that hold your fragile life together, we also try to spread some good vibes to make up for it. Our readers have gathered a collection of inspirational acts of kindness that will make you feel just a little bit better about the world.

Entry by Vincent Pall

ALBERT BATTEL (1891-1952) RIGHTEOUS AMONG THIE NATIONS Albert Battel was member of the Nazi Oberleutnant a party and an of the ehrmacht. In Tuly, I942

Entry by Maladiq

A London stockbroker, Nicholas Winton, was responsible for one of the largest independent efforts to save Jewish children from the Nazi regime during

Entry by Jordan Rudow

RNn After swabbing his cheek at a Be The Match station college shotputter Cameron Lyle dis coveredhe was a rare perfect bone marrow matchfora year- ol

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