22 Stellar Acts Of Kindness


While we here at Cracked consider it our duty to shatter the illusions that hold your fragile life together, we also try to spread some good vibes to make up for it. Our readers have gathered a collection of inspirational acts of kindness that will make you feel just a little bit better about the world.

Entry by Gisele

Meet Kimberly Dear : CRACKEDo COM In- August 2006, her skydiving group's plane crashed, killing 6 people. She survived thanks to the sacrifice of Robe

Entry by UADrew

In July of 2013, an unidentified man walked into an Edmonton Tim Hortons and ordered a large coffee. FRESH ALWAYe Hortons Im r Heute COFFEE He then pa

Entry by th0tmaster

Lenny. .B.Robinson, a businessman from Baltimore County, visits sick children in hospitals, and hands out Batman paraphernalia, dressed in a complete

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