16 Characters Ruined By Sequels And Prequels

16 Characters Ruined By Sequels And Prequels

Movie studios invest a lot of time and effort into creating universes, complete with histories, characters, and elaborate justifications for plot holes, which makes it much more perplexing when a sequel or prequel manages to contradict or undercut the main plot.

This nonsense occurs regularly. You have just seen a film, fallen madly in lovewith a particular character, waited for the next episode, just to be dissatisfied because the character was messed with in unforgivable ways by the writers. We are not going to rant about just how they destroyed Garfield's conception from manuscript to screen. This is just a fictional character to the movie protagonist. We wish we could, but we can't. Are you certain about the regulations? Let's get this party started.

Look no further than this collection of prequels and sequels that ignore, undercut, or outright contradict what has already been established about the characters in them. QuintonDarby deserves credit for coming up with this image feature. As well as any possible sequels.

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