We all had classic children's books in our childhood. But the morals and messages of those books don't really stand up to today's ever-changing cultural and technological landscape. We asked our readers to reach back to when they were kids, pull out a book, and update to reflect the times we live in now. Winner got $100 ....

Entry by krakenkraked

Giorgio Picodoro DAD IS NOT STUPID Postmodern irony FOR KIDS e7tih ditiol CRACKEDCON

Entry by Slacktoo

Twas the Night(s Before the Winter Solstice-tin festivals your family does or does not celebrate CLEMENONMOORE. FEATS WHAT STRENGCH Is KWANZA? THE HeL

Entry by FunkPumpkin

The SECRET GARDEN: Guerilla Pot Growing. for Kids

Entry by Ruy Platt

Little Red Chatrouletting ood CRACKEDCON

Entry by thekidnapper

CRACKEDCON Charlotte's DCON HoOrdiag Aiagt

Entry by danduplant

Places CRACKED0O the Oh, YOu'I an Build Minecraft DRSeUSS Dr

Entry by Rachel P.

#yolo My Big Book of HASHTAGS #swag CRACKEDCON

Entry by AzISeeIt

CRACKEDCON No, llovE you Winning more! at divorce

Entry by luvthecubs

34 Children's Books Updated for Modern Problems

Entry by seino

how to Is this your new girlfriend? Dad likes this! un friend Your dad without hurting his feelings Written by Gery Baboona Illustrated by Gellyhair

Entry by 404notfound

my Future DRINKS 11 I should'nt why too much expect

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