For hours on end, video game characters are trapped beneath your frantic, button pushing will. But what happens when you put the controller down, and our favorite characters are left to their own devices? As our readers show us, things are sadder than you think -- and we gave $100 to the most depressing ...

Entry by McJesse

PRINCESStubE SN Retdt Th Mushenom Kngdom Hs lo oHert Mio ate Leles SLL WANT TO GROW PL Tenal Role Play cl NAGE 19102 Namle Muess CRACKED COM

Entry by doojid


Entry by COnads

Best Be The Cin YOU Bell CRACKED COM

Entry by Birdstick


Entry by MinorShan

Walcone Remeol Feomerr to Heo-d l Prof 28C03 53A- 2SMMC0A CRACKEDCOMT

Entry by BurroFuma

Maic (oe the Bad01 FINAL FANTASY ho4y

Entry by BurroFuma

CRACKEDO COM E EHonda's ESS Shiatsu Massage 10 Minutes $15 20 Minutes $25

Entry by moxynika

ATS cm ppa

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