Companies make use of mascots to represent what they're all about. But often times what corporate fat cats think their product is differs greatly from user experience. We asked you to show us what corporate mascots should really look like and gave the winner $100 ...

Entry by SamizdatCom


Entry by HaywireLiar

Hey, it was your job to bring the weed. TACO BELL Not mine. CRACKEDOON

Entry by AM Smiley

Chew Accepted by the American De wrigy Extra FLAVOR LASTING LONG SPEAPMINT 15 Sticks. Sugarfree CRACKEDCOMT

Entry by purplenurps

X Internet 10 Explorer CRACKEDCON

Entry by HaywireLiar

CRACKED girl scouts

Entry by MurphysLaw

CRACKEDCON e@penguin-desktop: mkdir --help Usage: mkdir  DIRECTORY... create the DIRECTORY(ies), if they -Z, --coNtExt=CONTEXT (SELinux) Manda

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