22 Video Games as Understood by Old People


Anyone who's ever received a gaming related gift knows that expectations should be directly tied to some combination of age and gaming experience. After having so many baffling interactions with our elders about gaming, we can't help but wonder what exactly they think we're doing with all of our time.

We asked you to show us with the magic of image manipulation. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Snowblind

CRACKED.CO Welcome to Silent Hill

Entry by CubeDaily

CRACKED HOU ANGRY BIRDe Buy it today in the My Tunes store for O- -thego play* uith that Genius phone whatever. Or atserier int

Entry by djhatesyou

CRACKED CDM XBOX 360 XBOX OMLY ON X80/380 LIVE WAY The ard Gumm no Job Edition! <ooks LiKE Shit TINt MNIN RP EPIC ARTWORK Microsoft NOT FINAL ELSRES e

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