18 Real Movie Posters That Are Amateurish Crap (And Why)

18 Real Movie Posters That Are Amateurish Crap (And Why)

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Movie posters are one of the last holdouts from print-based graphic design. Because of that, you'd think artists would do a better job on them. You'd be thinking wrong. We're constantly subjected to terrible Photoshop jobs, cookie-cutter layouts, and just plain amateurish-looking crap.

So we asked our readers to point out, with diagrams, how blatantly awful these official movie posters are. The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

Entry by gimsa

The bullet holes looks terribly photoshopped. what is he doing with this arm? It looks like he was supposed to be holding NICOLAS O something but it F

Entry by bazooka

BASE D Based on the kind of photo you'd delete right away. A blurry image is not always arty or impressionistic. Alternating Script with CAPITAL BLOCK
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