15 Work/Career Tips We Learned On The Job

15 Work/Career Tips We Learned On The Job

School's great for a lot of things -- making you read Crime And Punishment every other year, teaching you history you're going to find out is all wrong in the future, long division. You know, stuff that matters or whatever.

School, however, is not great at giving you practical advice -- like how to do taxes or survive the workplace. Thankfully, we can help you with at least one of those things. (We're still working on our CPA certification.)

Entry by R.E.L

Why do you want to work for us? How should you answer this question? Look up their mission statement and tailor your answer to it.

Entry by Lolly~

As a manager, you should work as hard as the people working for you.

Entry by Lolly~

REINA ) PORTO 0 MA5 Do not eat someone else's lunch. Seriously. Don't.

Entry by Lolly~

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