Our moms say a lot of crazy shit when we're growing up just to get us to stop making so much noise. We asked you to show us what the world might look like if some of the old wives tales they loved terrifying us with turned out to be true.

The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by McBeefy

CRACKED.COM. nuiRe TH IST AROUNDD, 4O ATTas GSNA Eve yo 2N4 Bikinl Team Swedish OUG 2011 Worid Tour CLEN HOUSE och.com NN PRIZB

Entry by dynam3

CRACKED.cOM How Long You BeenDown Been Serving My Here? TimeFor Almost 7Years Now!

Entry by Stonebeard


Entry by ron saito


Entry by artisanscott


Entry by Blipvert

CHACKED.E COM 7 OEE LuTis Turkey Maximum Strength R Tryptophan Hcl -oiho Nighttime Sleep Aid Relieve Sleeplessness Fall Asleep Quickly Sleep Soundly A

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