Villainy is hard work, with all the altruistic secret agents you have to kill, and all the explaining you have to do to make sure they die knowing exactly how you killed them. Fortunately, villains tend to be their own boss. And that means time off.

We asked you to show us what famous villains do to forget about work on their day off. The winner is below, but first the runners up.

Entry by GundamPanda

What Villains Do In Their Spare Time

Entry by PantLoad

CRACKED.COM Yamina Healing Power 54108 Anathema Regrowth 17 NeOHBR- Regrowth 13 Noitre -Regrowth 8. BonechewerHungerer Shudea <Revolts Noitre <Ash> Ya

Entry by totonizate


Entry by bunker6

What Villains Do In Their Spare Time

Entry by forbes


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