For better or worse, celebrities have really taken to this whole social media thing. And while their star power allows for their ridiculous messages to reach all corners of the globe, they could still really step their game up.

And that's where you come in. We asked our readers to conjure up the tweets that would absolutely crash the Internet. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by T. S. Obiech

2Pac L- Follow @2Paclives! Sup Homies! #2Paclives Reply 17 Retweet Favorite More 11:00 Jan 15 Embed this Tweet CRAGRED

Entry by RWithers

Emma Watson Following EmWatson Finally acheived my goal of becoming a housewife! I love my new bae @danradcliffe! Can't wait to have your babies! #Mef

Entry by ironical

24 Celebrity Tweets That America Would Never Recover From

Entry by insochris

Steam Follow STEAM @steam_games Half Life 3 coming exclusivley to Steam this holiday season, completely free! Thanks for waiting! -Gabe. RETINEETS FAV

Entry by Scott Laffey

South Park SouthPark Jan 12 Series finale this Wednesday! #onlykennylives 44K 6K 000 CRACKEDCON

Entry by Wes Corwin

CRACKEDO KATY PERRY @katyperry Jan 20 New girl is on in 10 minutes on the west coastl 549 2.9K 0 KATY PERRY @katyperry Jan 20 sry wrong account 862 2.

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