It's inevitable: Now that pot is being legalized everywhere, no doubt more illicit substances will soon follow. And these newly-legal hardcore drugs will need advertisements.

We asked our readers to go ahead and do the marketing for these substances. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by anoesis


Entry by hotrod2001 Because Dipping is for PUSSIES TM A Mouthful KHAT of Flavor Every Time! Active Ingredient: Benzoylethanamine SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: Che

Entry by SlyConMan

CRACKEDco COM E-tamine (m-ALPHA-methyylphenethplaminelirhaler emeth The effects of Etamine include easy weight loss' increased daily energy*, increase

Entry by library_dude

CRACKEDCON SAVIUM COMPLETE Premium nphetamine Clean. Smokeless. Odorless. Oral ingestion has been proven to keep your methamphetaminc experience going

Entry by Ruy Platt

LIFE CRACKED ce COM AWESOME can be LSD 12 ntabliets 100mcg LSD Side sffecte may indlude andietypanic attacks, panic psychosis. flashboc sudden desire

Entry by El Zoof

HEROIN LAUDANUM MORPHINE These dangerous addictive For a relaxing man-made drugs may have sleep, ask your several side-effects such dealer about 100%

Entry by clg123

Cramming for Coffee and Red Bull an exam? not doing the trick? Sounds like you need the drug recommended by every other college student in America! Ad

Entry by Scott Laffey

When You Gotta Get Shit Done 25-hour ENERGY Hours of energy now. No crash later. No crash means no sugar crash. CRACKED.COM Ain't f no sugar in 25-hou

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