Dalton, GA

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June 10, 2008

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As an infant my real parents sold me to gypsies for $4.11. I grew up working as a side show attraction in there traveling circus billed as "Bobo The Cat Juggling Midget". At the age of 14 I met and later married a kind widower age 78 named Ruth Horshowitz and left the circus.Over time my wifes paranoia about losing me to a younger woman eventually turned into full blown senility. After she attempted to murder me in my sleep with a spoon for supposedly hiding her hemorrhoid medication I decided that I had to go. I jumped on the first train out and for a year traveled the country as a hobo eventually ending up here in Dalton, GA.
I now enjoy a quiet life growing and selling turnips at a roadside stand. My hobbies include collecting mustard packets from around the world and making my own shoelaces. I also enjoy playing Who Let The Dogs Out with my tambourine. Trying to trace totally trampish tendencied thickly tataed tatooed trollips to tastefully test their tantric terrifickness thru tremendous tickeling, testicular triumphancy, titty trickery.

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