Lexington, KY

Real Name:
Steve Johnson
Member Since:
March 08, 2008

About Me

Swiped from the Hex Games site:

Steve Johnson grew up in a dry county in western Kentucky . After determining that standing around in the cold waiting to kill an animal wasn't much fun, he tried the other recreational activities available to him--driving around in circles, stealing road signs, and playing RPGs.After getting the hell out of western Kentucky, Steve continued to play games, but got tired of spending hours making characters and preparing for games. To solve this problem, he and Leighton Connor created QAGS, the Quick Ass Game System and founded Hex Games. Since then, Steve has been somehow involved with nearly every product Hex Games has released.When he's not working on new games or the Hex web site, Steve spends his time driving around drunk college kids (only occasionally in circles), watching movies, and searching the web for weird music and Fortean sites.

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