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July 15, 2009

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Hey Cracked fans, I'm Justin.
I am 19 soon to be 20(Go Me?; Yes Very Much)
I play Guitar and Bass and I love it!
I have great friends and a great attitude on life.
Remember things can always be better than what they are! :)
I enjoy drinking and socializing on the weekends.
I am by no means a fighter but I'm not afraid to risk injury on voicing what I believe.
I really want to become a zoo-ologist, Animals are awesome but if I had the choice Rockstar would be my profession.
My turn-ons are black eyeliner, dark hair, shorter than me, fit or skinny, and absolutely must be random, funny, and loving.
My turn-offs are extreme emos(I can handle alittle emotion but don't be a drama Queen), Fat girls(I need someone active; Sitting around watching T.V. isn't fun), Extreme religionist, Bad attitudes, and absolutely no bad Hygene. OH AND NO LIERS!!!!

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