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It took me two and a half years to procure this bio interview with the enigma known as Shayne Grier. Even now, mere moments away from being face to face with the one interview which has eluded me over the course of my web-page biography writing career, a part me still isn't ready. Seven hours waiting in this white room and the door finally opens to reveal a slightly under height African-American man with a George Washington shaped Fro wearing a bedazzled leather jacket. He took my breath away. Sitting down in the chair across from me he flipped open a pack of Newport's offering one to me, I declined. Sitting in sweet silence for what seemed liked an eternity I gazed into his brown starry eyes, then, after he finished his first cigarette his majestic tenor voice adorned my unworthy ears.

I learned everything there was to know about this great human in the most blessed hours of my life. He left me speechless as I learned about his bionic left pinky toe, his newly insured left frontal lobe, the first man he ever killed, the last time he surfed a whale, and the forty-three other adventures from his national best selling book, “The forty-seven things you have to do before you die; because we are all going to die, I mean there is just no way around this whole death thing (So why wait until you're dead to start doing these things. Death is what makes life worth living, so stop dying everyday and start living every-way)”.

Then as suddenly as he came into my life, he was gone. As I gathered my notes to leave the room, a way less majestic voice whispered in my ear, “What did you think of my additive inverse?” Jumping out my seat I spun around to find a pale, almost Albino shaded man had been hovering behind me. “Additive inverse?”, I said with a quiver. The lone Albino nodded in agreement. Questioning with purpose I spoke softly saying, “You mean your opposite, right?” The pale rider made me shudder with his two and a half minute gut laugh in regards to my question, then he took his pigment-less ostrich arms and wrapped them around my numb body. “You are worthy”, he murmured as he shoved a piece of paper deep within my shaking hand. Almost instantly I was out of his grasp and he was straddling the door handle to leave. He turned exiting the door and said, “Just print what's on the paper. Tis all the world needs to know of me”. Then, with a whistle of the wind, he was gone.

The following are those words:
“I love my wife and four beautiful children with all my heart. They are the fire that keeps me striving to be the best I can be every single day. I am also truly thankful for all my friends and family who have supported me in the pursuit of all my dreams, no matter how big or small. I believe there is no such thing as failure as long as you learn from the mistakes you make and keep pursuing what makes you happy. Love, laugh, live, and never give up”.

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