David Dietle

When I am not posing as a mild-mannered and ill-tempered programmer, I am punching internet boredom in the junk with science. Where can you find this crime-fighting hilarity? Observe:

Twitter; My twitter feed is an endless stream of awesome. And by "awesome" I mean "ridiculous bullshit" follow at your own risk.

I also write for Man Cave Daily:
See what I look like when not in bird form (and I only smoke sausages)

I also have a Tumblr, which is like The Onion, OF SCIENCE!
And on Twitter

I also have another Tumblr where I explore UFOs, Paranormal things and cryptozoological stuff:
Also on Twitter

I also share the world of food "facts" on @foodsreviews69

And if you would like to read more sciencey, Cracked-type stuff from me, I have a site:

It's great, I swear.

I also have a serial over on Jukepop. It's not funny, but I wasn't trying to be. *Cough*

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