Hello all. My name is ThePoop. I live in a far away land called New Hampshire. At the age of 12 I was captured by pirates. On their ship I was forced to clean the poop deck and try LSD. It was then that I realized I had never been on a pirate ship... I had just tried LSD. 2 years later I found Jesus. He was in a Wendys, and upon making eye contact he bolted out the door. No one has seen him since. A year after that nothing happened. A year after that I got laid, sort of. A day after that I told doctors where Uncle Teddy touched me on the doll. A year after that I turned 17. I was strung out on heroin, homeless, uncircumcised (;)ladies), blind, hungry, drunk and a republican. But all that changed when I found cracked.com. My world had colors, food tasted unbelievable, unicorns and dandelions sang songs to me about the grandeur and beauty of life. But really I was just on LSD again and realized a fucking website wasnt going to change my life (with that being said, it's still the greatest web site ever).

Do you like shitty webcomics? Boy have I got a treat for you!!! Visit:


All original comics by ThePoop. Original, but still not funny.

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