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November 14, 2007

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I am a writer extraordinaire. Whilst not doing topics or pitching articles to Cracked, I work on my own website, The Basestar (www.thebasestar.com), where I magnificently review science fiction movies and television, typically with a humorous angle. I also do work for the community paper I wrote for as an undergrad, which gets me press passes to cool things and occasionally a one-on-one interview with a really awesome celebrity or two. Like Ernie Hudson. I try to make my writing fun and interesting, because that's what I like to read, and this is the internet, after all.

I'm also that guy you see at conventions who self-publishes his novels and barely breaks even, yet keeps coming back. I have a company that I use to put a label on it all, and recently I've used it publish works by other authors. If you're into SF/fantasy/horror, check it out.

I was a film student in my college days, which means I know way too much about film. I also do video shorts and sketches when I can, most recently the "Dino Hunter, MD" webseries.

I'm also the guy behind the webcomic Eskimo Jim, for which I occasionally post updates on the forums, if I think it's a particular strip that people here might like.

I'm a Leo. I hate astrology. I love astronomy. I get all the astronomy questions right in 1vs100. I try not to write about lesbians too much, but they fascinate me. I host marathons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think sleep is boring. I contend that Douglas Adams and Brian K. Vaughn are/were geniuses in their own very special ways.

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