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Nick Barovic
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August 08, 2008

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Abandoned as an infant and raised by wolves, I was discovered and brought to civilization last Friday, since when I... huh? Oh, er, anyway...

I'm a classical-theatre actor and director from Wisconsin. I've played the main character in a 10-hour stage adaptation of a Charles Dickens novel (and did the final performance with laryngitis, which the next day turned into bronchitis in response, and then I got out of bed anyway to go in and rehearse Macbeth, which was opening in less than a month afterward); Sir John Falstaff (wearing a fat suit and old age makeup in 100-degree weather, for a 7-hour marathon of both parts of King Henry IV); Edgar (when my dad played King Lear); Duke Vincentio (when I tried out for Pompey... making me one of the very few actors to ever be cast in a role five times LARGER than the part I wanted); and recently directed a production of George Bernard Shaw's "Saint Joan." Also I've written a couple of plays, and produced one. Most of this stuff you can find on my YT channel: http://youtube.com/user/Sylocat

Oh yes, and I've also written the world's first (seriously, I checked) Shakespeare/My Little Pony crossover fanfic. Hardline Celestia loyalist, BTW.

In case it wasn't obvious already, I am primarily driven by a compulsive need to show off how much smarter I am than everyone else.


"I'll tell you exactly what they want, Senator. They want chase scenes and car crashes. They want firm breasts and tight-assed Latino men. They want their cowboys to be strong and silent. They want their cops to bend the rules to get the job done. They want the boy to get the girl. They want the alien to be killed, unless he's cute. They want the good guy to win. They want the bad guy to die, preferably in the biggest explosion the budget will allow. But most importantly, Senator, they want to walk into a theater and for ninety minutes be able to forget about the fucking mess YOU have left of this nation."
- Peter Dragon

"So, I guess that's my blind spot. Of course, most people's blind spot is that they are inane idiots with no idea of the nauseating depths of their own wretchedness."
- Mark Borgeson (a man who once calculated the exact odds of having the leadoff hitter in a baseball game foul off every hit until the game was called on account of darkness, and of all those foul balls landing in consecutively numbered seats)

"And the faithful are like, 'Lord, if my hands hadn't been chewed off by giant locusts, I would slap You so hard.'"
- I forget

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