I wear a tuxedo and have a deep voice. It is always the same tuxedo because I am too poor to buy another one. Have I dry cleaned it? Perhaps not. But regardless, I will speak to you in a pretentious accent.

Other than that characterization of my avatar, I am a guy who likes to read up on obscure information on just about anything. I like to work on my megawad (Zdoom stuff) and try my hand and random art forms until I hit one that I get obsessed with. Right now, I've been rethinking a superhero that I had thought up when I was in middle school. I'm also going the psychology route slowly in college, but I'm really unsure what to do with my life.

I also like acting and making up characters (which are usually just exaggerated stereotypes). Right now, one character that I've made is a testosterone bucket character that sounds like a combination of Black Dynamite and Duke Nukem that yells like a professional wrestler... or the DoomGuy because it was the Doom comic inspired me to make the character. I can do a few national accents and often do them to entertain people that I meet. Wait, am I only suppose to write things relative to stuff I would do on Cracked here?

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