Natural Disastronauts

The Natural Disastronauts were founded by Daniel Vincent Gordh, Will Gordh, Katy Stoll, Kevin Best, David Largman Murray and are supported by a hodge-podge crew of professional actors, filmmakers, writers, artisans, glass-blowers, and weapons experts. Sure they're scrappy, but they got heart. Together they work to provide relief to disaster-stricken space pueblos, and promote Black Hole Awareness (Month). 
"The Cracked Advice Board" was the Natural Disastronauts' maiden series, and now they are responsible for producing "The Katie Willert Video Experience"! Much more on it's way!

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ALSO, if you're looking to see who's involved in our vids, did you know there's a CAST & CREW TAB on every video!?! It'll cut your stalking time in HALF!

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