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Use to troll myspace groups and forums, and everywhere else on the internet. Religious debate groups were the best because they were so intense about their debates and I would target both atheist and theist alike. (I don't discriminate!). Body building groups and groups that were filled with the Jersey Shore kind of tools were also a favorite stomping ground, plenty of insecurities there to poke at. At one time I even had people who would follow me around just to watch the show.

Here are my guidelines for trolling
Rules of Trolling:

1. Observe - Join a group and don't post right away (see who's who first) note who the hotheads are.

2. Bait - Start with subtle jackass comments (if you go strong right away they will just ignore you) gotta lure them in first.

3. Set the hook - When they are arguing with you, let them think they got to you, act slightly offended or upset. This will keep them around to argue and can entertain you for days on end.

4. Visual agitation - Go in their profile if you can and photoshop their picture if they have it in there, nothing will piss a person off more than seeing their face on a pile of shit. (But remember to save this for when they are mad enough to sit and argue with you for a while, see rule #3)


That is an actual quote from the guy responding to me telling him "You'll never get any tail in your life" and for all you virgins out there that means "sex"

and this is my all time favorite

The basic "you're ugly" insult delivered in a new way. Yes that is a paper bag and no she wasn't really 60.

She was a lesbian (No I do not have a problem with gay people and will quickly pull the "I have gay friends" card if you accuse me) that was also into the whole teenage vampire scene at the appropriate age of 33.

5. The double standard - People have different breaking points, when they do they will try to do to you what you have done to them. At that point, call them out on it. NOTHING will provoke a "foaming at the mouth blood squirting from ears" anger induced rant more.

6. Be "real" - don't over due it, if you can keep them from realizing you're a troll. But depending on how much you have upset them at that point they will fall victim to their own pride and will continue to assault you with post and messages thinking they just might win.

7. Protect your identity - NEVER use your real profile, never post your real age, picture, name, Or even the town you live in. I had a complex network tied to my troll accounts that if someone were to explore them and try to find out who I am they would see a account with a fake name and some random guys picture in Europe that said he lived in Battle Creek connected to the troll account. So NEVER interact your troll and real profiles with each other. You may also want to get a new email account to confirm for what ever site you are registering with.

There are also plenty more tips of the trade but the basics are there.

I will however NEVER troll on Cracked.com, I enjoy the site too much to get banned.

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