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October 11, 2008

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You never saw me coming... You treated me like another one of the sheep, one of the mindless flock.... It turns out, Fucktard, that I'm not one of the sheep... You've just enlisted in my school of natural selection, and as the ground rushes up towards you you realise tuition here is very, VERY expensive.

I'm a 23yo soldier in the us army. In the last few years things have changed horrificaly. I'm visited by friends I've lost on a regular basis. Medication does very little for me. Recently diagnosed with extreme late onset bipolar disorder and ptsd, I've become something of a powderkegg... I eat my pills by the handfull, and stagger about through my shifting realities doing my best to educate those around me on the true nature of things, and obliterate the dull eyed ignorance of these sheep. Its impossible, and everywhere I go I paint the walls a bright, happy shade of misery. I sit on my own in the night, fighting off the sleep and trying to track the changes spontaneously going on around me- and for the first time in my life I've been happy.

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