I'm a quarter-century years old french waitress / supermodel (I've done a photoshoot once for no money) so pardon my poor grammar and syntaxe (though I'm sure this might make my writing even more hilarious if you read it out loud with a french accent).
I used to be a law studient, but after 3 years of painful boredom, I found my passion in being exploited for minimum wage and I'm having the best time.
Currently living between Sydney (Australia), Nancy (France) and Whereever (New Zealand), my goal is to work in as many places as possible around the world before I'm too married or pregnant to do so.
I wrote some stuff already, and some of my friend (probably scared of me for some reason) said it was funny, but it's in french, so good luck with that : http://giselebuy.over-blog.com/
I also have an online travel journal that I don't update too often because I'm too busy doing awsome shit in Australia for Christ's sake : surlarouteencore.over-blog.com (some of the articles are in english)

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