EllyT Red Deer, AB. Canada

Real Name: Elly Thode

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About Me:
I am a writer. I say that mostly because it makes me feel better about me not really having a legitimate job, and partly because I'm half-heartedly trying to actually get something published.

Seriously though, if anyone wants to pay me to write something for you I'd be more than happy to accept that. Actually, if you just want to give me money at all I'll accept that too.

I guess the only thing I won't accept money for is sexual favors... I give those for free. Actually, if you want to give me money for those too I'll be willing to work something out. I mean, since I'll be providing them anyway.

If you have a bit of extra time, which if you're looking at my profile on Cracked then you probably do, let's face it, you should stop by my blog: