Way back when I was just a little bitty boy living in a box under the stairs in the corner of the basement half a block down the street from Jerry's Bait shop... You know the place.
Well anyway, back then life was going swell and everything was just peachy...Except, of course, for the undeniable fact that every single morning my mother would make me a big bowl of sauerkraut for breakfast. It was driving me crazy.

I said to my mom, I said "Hey, mom, what's with all the sauerkraut?" And my dear, sweet mother, she just looked at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train, and she leaned right down next to me, and she said "IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!"

And then she tied me to the wall and stuck a funnel in my mouth
and force fed me nothing but sauerkraut until I was twenty six and a half years old.

That's when I swore that someday, someday I would get outta that basement and travel to a magical, far away place where the sun is always shining and the air smells like warm root beer and the towels are oh so fluffy. Where the shriners and the lepers play their ukuleles all day long, and anyone on the street will glady shave your back for a nickel.

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