Real Name:
Elphie Spring
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March 04, 2014

About Me

~I~ think I'm funny (someone has to).
My best friend (the funniest person in existence) and I were hipster female Tulio and Miguel for Halloween.
My dad still plays Pretty Pretty Princess and Pokemon Monopoly with me.
I have three tattoos and must actively refrain from getting more (it's not going well).
If you know Toph from A:tLA, pretend she's 20 and you've got a pretty good idea of who I am.
"I try really hard, actually." --Paulie Bleeker and also me.
I model for La Rév but I brag because I love the designer and her clothes, not because I think I'm hot shit (spoiler alert: I'm not). I'm honored that she lets me represent for her.
I spend my free time learning suuuuper dead languages (primarily Ancient Greek).

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