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December 21, 2010

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- favorite temperature: 10 celsius
- favorite hat: buffalo sabres pro-fit, size M.
- favorite cat: not the all black one. the one that never meows.
- least favorite person living or dead: that rat bastard don henley.
- favorite smell: old spice.
- best song: brainy by the national tied with everything in its right place by radiohead.
- best fighting move: overhand left to the nose.
- least favorite part of 'avatar': not one single busted up buick filled with dorito crumbs and empty mountain dew bottles.
- favorite place for onanism: indoors.
- favorite place for being alive at or in: snob bars with low ceilings and bad lighting.
- favorite book: old fashioned one with real pages called slaughter house five by k.vonnegut jr.
- least favorite sauce: mushroom soup.
- least favorite animal and the milk and cheese made from it: goat.

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