Aquacadet The Northern Province of Gorditoa

Real Name: Pandoraman

Member Since: October 9th, 2009

About Me:
Born in the former nation of Panditoratowa, I began my rise to power as Shogunate of all of my land. Eventually, war was declared between my once former ally, Gorditoa, and Persia under Cyrus the Great. Unfortunately, Gorditoa had a score to settle and completely wiped Cyrus' empire off the map for good. Ravage by the war, Panditoratowa moved all resources to the province of Strongbadia. Strongbadia held it's ground for 47 days, cut off from the rest of the world. In those 47 days, the Panditoratowans fought off hundreds upon hundreds of Gorditoan troops, tanks, and naval assaults. Angered by this humiliating battle, the leader of Gorditoa, Steve Gordito, unleashed a brutal assault on the 47th day and completely destroyed the remaining forces of Panditoratowa.

I was a survivor of that battle. I come here to to help keep the tradtion of my former nation alive through hilarity and wise cracks. I hope to be a fun addition to this site and plan to be active.

(Note: the story mentioned above really happened. Civilization IV is a great game for crazy shit like this).